Research and technology transfer activities require dedicated spaces. IQS has the infrastructure of scientific and technical facilities and equipment especially for these purposes, kept separate from teaching spaces. We have laboratories, pilot plants, workshops and other work units. Among them, it is worth mentioning the Processes and Integrative Technologies Transfer Centre (CTPTI).



The Processes and Integrative Technologies Transfer Centre (CTPTI) is an infrastructure dedicated to advanced research and technology transfer. It became operational in June 2019 and has a surface area of more than 1,100 m² distributed in three main units: Bioprocesses Pilot Plant, Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology Unit and Continuous Flow Chemistry Unit. The construction and equipment project was co-financed by FEDER funds, granted by the Departament d'Empresa i Coneixement de la Generalitat de Catalunya, through the Direcció General de Recerca (Expedient 2015 FEDER S-05).

Bioprocess Pilot Plant

Bioprocessing infrastructure and equipment for the development, optimisation, scale-up and manufacturing of test batches. Suitable for microorganisms cultures (bacteria, yeasts and fungi) in batch and fed-batch and in aerobic or anaerobic conditions. Class 1 organisms (non-pathogenic). Includes downstream operations for the first stages of bioproduct isolation.

Flow Chemistry Unit

The Flow Chemistry Unit includes a pilot plant and laboratory equipment for carrying out flow chemistry reactions aimed at the development and industrial scale-up of fine chemistry processes. It carries out research and technology transfer activities for companies in the pharmaceutical and fine chemistry sectors. It has a team of professors and researchers with solid experience in the industrial environment.

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Unit

Unit comprising different laboratories for advanced research and technology transfer activities mainly related to polymeric materials, biomaterials, ceramic materials and graphene. It includes special areas for microscopes and image analysis, equipment for materials characterisation and laboratories for vascular engineering and biomaterials.


As a university centre focused on scientific and technological fields, IQS has numerous laboratories dedicated to research. These are distributed in the various buildings of the campus. Some of them are specialised in certain technological fields and others are focused on industrial environments: chemical analysis, microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry, organic synthesis, materials, photochemistry, electrochemistry, electronics, biomedicine, mechanics, robotics, automotive, etc.


Laboratory arising from the collaboration between SCIEX and IQS to promote research in chemical analysis techniques based on high resolution mass spectrometry. This partnership makes the availability of powerful new generation equipment possible in a university environment where research promotes the study of the analytical techniques and their application in industrial environments such as chemistry, biopharma, biotechnology, and proteomics. The cooperation between both entities includes the joint work between SCIEX experts and IQS professors and researchers.

Neuro & Digital Marketing Lab IQS

The laboratory is dedicated to objectively investigate consumer behaviour to develop products and services adapted to their needs. Through the complete iMOTIONS platform we can objectively measure emotional and cognitive responses of individuals to different types of stimuli.

Chromatography Laboratory

Metal Analysis Laboratory

Environmental Laboratory

Laboratory of Circular Economy and Sustainability

Electrochemical Laboratory

Photochemistry Laboratory

Spectroscopy Laboratory

Biochemistry Laboratory

Thermal Analysis Laboratory

Biotherapies Laboratory


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