IQS lecturers and researchers are organised into research groups based on common interests in certain scientific fields. They work together on established research lines and also collaborate with external researchers from other universities, research centres and other entities or companies.

IQS has a total of 13 research groups, 11 of which are recognised by the Generalitat de Catalunya, through the AGAUR (7 consolidated, 2 pre-consolidated and 2 emerging, according to the 2017 call for proposals). In addition, 9 of them are part of the IQS Tech Transfer – URL group, which has the TECNIO seal, recognition of the Generalitat de Catalunya, through ACCIÓ, which identifies suppliers of differential technology involved in the process of technology and knowledge transfer.


Grup d'Enginyeria de Materials

School of Engineering

Materials Engineering

Its activities focus on three main areas: the development of new functional materials, surface engineering and biomaterials.


Grup de Química Biològica i Biotecnològica

School of Engineering

Biological and Biotechnological Chemistry

Its activity focuses on the identification and molecular analysis of proteins and enzymes as therapeutic targets, together with the design and application of enzymes in biocatalysis and biotechnology with microorganisms.


Grup d'Enginyeria Vascular i Biomedicina Aplicada

School of Engineering

Vascular Engineering and Applied Biomedicine Group

GEVAB's main objective is to integrate knowledge from medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computing in order to provide solutions to clinical needs.


Applied Photobiological Chemistry

School of Engineering

Applied Photobiological Chemistry

Specialised research in biomedical applications (antimicrobial resistance with phototherapy) and development of theragnostics in the diagnosis and treatment of tumours.


Grup de Química Farmacèutica

School of Engineering

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Group

The research focuses on two main areas: New Drugs in Biomedicine and Health Sciences and Flow Chemistry Processes.


Química Analítica

School of Engineering

Analytical Chemistry Group

QuAN's activity is structured around the different analytical, spectrometric, chromatographic, electrochemical and optical techniques, both in their application and in their development.


Grup d'Enginyeria de Productes Industrials

School of Engineering

Industrial Products Engineering Group

Its activity focuses on three main areas: additive manufacturing, reverse engineering, and mechanical characterization of materials.


Grup d'Enginyeria i Simulació de Processos Ambientals

School of Engineering

Engineering and Simulation of Environmental Processes Group

Its activity focuses on environmental engineering and molecular and process simulation to respond to current societal challenges: climate change, water scarcity, and population growth.


Analytics, Simulations and Inquiry in STEM and Business Education

School of Engineering

Analytics, Simulations & Inquiry Group

ASISTEMBE aims to work on the development and improvement of knowledge and practices in university education in specific disciplines (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and business).


Social Economics and Ethics

Schools of Management & Engineering

Social Economics & Ethics Group

Advanced interdisciplinary research on the interface of social economy and ethics in three fields: reduction of inequality, sustainability, and human development.


Research Group on Corporate Governance

School of Management

Corporate Governance

Its research fields include audit quality, accounting manipulation, codes of corporate governance, and corporate performance.


Consumer Behavior Perspectives

School of Management

Consumer Behavior Perspectives

Its research focuses on the analysis of consumer behaviour: offline and digital environments, services and tourism marketing, and purchasing behavior through ICTs.


Turisme, Hospitalitat i Mobilitat

School of Management

Tourism, Hospitality and Mobility Research Group

Its activity focuses on the following areas: tourist behaviour, tourism marketing, and responsible and sustainable tourism.




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