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Neuro & Digital Marketing Lab IQS

The laboratory is dedicated to objectively investigate consumer behaviour to develop products and services adapted to their needs. Through the complete iMOTIONS platform we can objectively measure emotional and cognitive responses of individuals to different types of stimuli.

More than 100 m² to investigate digital marketing, consumer behaviour, neuromarketing or virtual reality, among other topics.


It is a unique laboratory in Spain with dual structure:

  • Digital & analytics section: 19 computers
  • Neuro section: 6 spaces equipped with different sensors and devices. The digital & analytical section can be used for certain sensors that allows flexible use of space.


In addition, it has various software to respond to different needs. 

There is an IMOTIONS software package that allows the integration of different sensors for advanced emotional and cognitive measurement and analysis.

We have a facial coding algorithm (Affective): measurement of emotional expression on the face of respondents.

The laboratory also has other specialized software such as SEMRush for the analysis of Digital Marketing and Qualtrics as an integral platform for the design of questionnaires and experiments for the study of human behaviour.



3 Neuroelectrics Enabio 8 (EEG)

3 Shimmer GSR (Galvanic Skin Response)

3 Pupilabs Pupil Invisible (Mobile eye tracking)

3 Smart eye Aurora (Screen-based Eye tracking)

3 HTC Vive Pro Eye (Virtual Reality Googles with Eye Tracking)

Affectiva’s AFFDEX technology (Facial Emotion Recognition and expression analysis)

Licencia para iMotions Online (Online and/or remote Webcam Eye Tracking and Facial Expression Analysis)




Consumer Behavior Perspectives

School of Management

Consumer Behavior Perspectives

Its research focuses on the analysis of consumer behaviour: offline and digital environments, services and tourism marketing, and purchasing behavior through ICTs.