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IQS Teaches its First Bioprocesses Course for Companies

The company Syva, specialized in animal health, has received the first training course in the design and optimization of bioprocesses, organized by the IQS Bioprocess Pilot Plant.

Bioprocesses Course for Companies

Over the months of January and February 2022, the first Bioprocesses Design and Optimization course was held at IQS. It was taught by Dr Antoni Planas and Dr Marc Carnicer, the heads of the Bioprocess Pilot Plant, one of the units that forms part of the Process Transfer and Integrative Technologies Centre (CTPTI) at IQS. The course also featured participation from Dr Marti Lecina, an expert in process scaling and a professor in the IQS Department of Bioengineering.

The course is aimed towards companies in the biotechnology sector, with the objective of delving into key aspects of their processes both in the production stages and in the separation and purification stagesSyva, a biotechnological company that provides solutions for animal health, participated in the inaugural edition of this course. Participants attending the course included professionals from different departments within the company, such as R&D and Production, who have been able to strengthen and expand their knowledge on various aspects related to the design and modelling of fermentation bioprocesses, the optimization of culture media through design of experiments (DoE), and filtration and centrifugation processes.

In the words of Javier Sanchez-Arévalo, Head of Autogenous Vaccine Production at Syva Laboratories: “This course has given us a precise vision of the needs that arise when designing projects framed within the bioprocesses area. Without a doubt, it is a great starting point for new collaborations.”

In view of the success of the inaugural edition of the Bioprocesses Design and Optimization course, IQS will hold a new edition that will take place during the month of July. Any companies in the biotech sector who wish to take the course are invited to attend!

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Antoni Planas Sauter, PhD

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