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Gender Equality in Theses Defended at IQS in 2022

More than half of the doctoral theses defended at IQS in 2022 were by women, and more than 70% of them were conducted in STEM fields.

Igualdad de género en las tesis IQS-2022

The value of equal opportunities between women and men is ever present in the culture at IQS. It is not only an objective in the organizational field for teaching and research staff, as well as for administrative and service staff, but as a university we promote gender equality in the world of science and technology in our student community.

Increasing numbers of women are choosing to study a scientific degree, and some of them decide to go further and seek to cap it off with a doctoral programme. The figures from academic year 2021-2022 show that in the undergraduate and master’s studies taught by the IQS School of Engineering, women represented 47% of the students. In the case of undergraduate and master’s programmes within the IQS School of Management, this proportion is 41%.

In the framework of the doctoral studies at IQS, women represent 48% of the total, with a good balance between the three doctoral programmes offered at the university: Bioengineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and CETIS – Business and Territorial Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability.

If we focus on the doctoral theses defended last year, we can see that more than half were conducted by women, and more than 70% of them were in STEM fields.

Las tesis doctorales más recientes son las de las siguientes investigadoras:

Dra. Noemí Balà, Dra. Nausika Betriu, Dra. Mireia Castejón, Dra. Georgina Curto, Dra. Ariadna Chueca de Brujin, Dra. Leticia Manén and Dra. Pauline Weritz

An example of research in industrial chemistry

As an example of the theses conducted by IQS researchers, we’re proud to showcase the video below on the doctoral thesis by Dr Ariadna Chueca de Brujin, carried out within the Industrial Engineering Department at the IQS School of Engineering and defended in 2022, entitled Novel approaches for the chemical, mechanical, and thermal post-processing of polymeric components obtained by fused filament fabrication.