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Introducing Our New Website!

With a completely revamped design, updated content and improved usability, responds more precisely to users' needs.

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IQS Tech Transfer is kicking off the year by introducing our new website. With a revamped design, updated content, and improved usability, caters to users’ needs more precisely. We have listened to opinions from our clients, professors, and IQS researchers, among other highly-appreciated suggestions we have received, and we are seeking to implement them on the new website.

With the aim of offering accessible information about advanced technological solutions, the new website hosts four large sections at its core. The first is dedicated to the scientific and technological solutions that we offer to companies, where the main services are also described and the catalogues can be downloaded. The second is aimed towards the scientific research, technological development, and innovation projects that we carry out with competitive funding from governmental entities and private foundations. The third section showcases who we are and how IQS Tech Transfer is organized. It covers the people who make these activities possible as well as the research groups formed by our professors and researchers. This section also introduces regular collaborators, whether companies, research or technology centres, hospitals, or other universities with which we have firm agreements to carry out joint research projects. However, please note that the client list is not included among the collaborating companies for reasons of confidentiality. The third section also highlights our facilities that are dedicated to research and transfer activities, laboratories, and pilot plants along with the most noteworthy equipment used by them. The fourth section of our website presents current events by posting the news we share through our newsletter, which encourage you to subscribe to!

The website also includes key figures and a section where recognitions can be viewed and downloaded, such as accreditations or quality certifications.

Anyone who visits can quickly learn, for example, about a specific R&D&i project, the lead researcher and the research group, collaborators, and all news related to the project. However, companies can find out much more quickly and fluidly about the solutions they can obtain – not to mention the facility, laboratory, and most relevant scientific or instrumental equipment that will be employed – in addition to the project’s research group and head of science, the application form, and more.

Updating the website has been possible thanks to collaboration with the advertising agency Common Sense and the joint work that has been carried out involving not only the IQS Department of Communications & Corporate Marketing, but also the dedication of the team of individuals who make up the IQS Tech Transfer Technical and Business Development Office. We have all learned a great deal and it has been a very enriching experience.

We hope you like it!

Dr Núria Vallmitjana
Director of IQS Tech Transfer

This new website has been made possible  thanks  to the FORTUT project “EnFORTiment de les Unitats deTransferència de Tecnologia” and co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund, granted by the Government of Catalonia’s Department of Business and Knowledge through the Directorate General of Research. This financing forms part of the call for grants for the implementation of projects by Knowledge Transfer and Enhancements Units within Catalan Universities, aimed at significantly improving engagement with the productive sector (decision EMC/2970/2016, of 27 December).