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MNK inhibitor (Overcoming therapy resistance and immune evasion with a novel MNK inhibitor)

Development of a novel MNK inhibitor to treat breast and prostate cancer

Fuente de financiación:
Gobierno de España
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Tipología del proyecto:
Proyecto Individual
01/03/2023 a 30/03/2024
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The acquisition of therapy resistance remains a main cause of therapeutic failure in cancer treatment.6 Immunotherapy has opened a new avenue in oncology, but is only effective in a small fraction of patients.

In search of long-term cure, immunotherapies, mainly targeting immune checkpoint inhibitors (e.g. PD1), have provided new hope for many cancer patients. However, treatments are only effective in a small fraction of patients, which currently limits the broad application of immunotherapies. Currently, 43.63% of patients are defined as eligible for immunotherapy across different cancers but the estimated rates of response to checkpoint inhibitor drugs is only 12.46%.
Thus, therapy resistance and immune evasion represent a current unmet clinical need in cancer cure Therapy resistance and immune evasion critically rely on the activation of stress response pathways.11 Those pathways activate the kinases MNK1/2 which uniquely regulate the translation initiation factor eIF4E at S209.4,12
We aim at exploiting novel therapeutic strategies, combining the MNK inhibitor EB1 with standard-of-care therapies, to achieve a superior therapeutic index that translates into a genuine impact on patients.
The ultimate goal of our project is to provide a new therapeutic opportunity ready to enter IND-enabling studies and future clinical trials. We propose here to combine our technology with FDA approved therapies, which have been proven to be effective for selected patient groups, but are ineffective for others with similar clinical characteristics.
Our objectives are:
1) Single cell sequencing to clarify mode of action of EB1
2) Preclinical assessment of MNK inhibition in vivo
3) Pharmacological Validation and Optimization of EB1 as clinical drug candidate
4) Clinical identification of treatment options for future patient stratification





Nuevo inhibidor MNK contra la resistencia a terapias de cáncer

Investigadores de IQS y del VHIR trabajan en el proyecto MnkImmunOnco con el objetivo de acercar a las fases clínicas de desarrollo un nuevo inhibidor MNK para mejorar la respuesta en terapias contra el cáncer.



Grup de Química Farmacèutica

School of Engineering

Grupo de Química Farmacéutica

La investigación se centra en dos grandes áreas: Nuevos Fármacos en Biomedicina y Ciencias de la Salud y Procesos Químicos en Continuo (flow chemistry)